Tent Talk #1: What has GH's R&D been up to?

R&D has successfully moved out of our old location in Sebastopol and are settling into our new home at GH headquarters in Santa Rosa.  While we await the construction of our new state of the art greenhouse, we have moved our research indoors.  Our new indoor research grow tents are nearing completion. 

Here is a brief tour, enjoy. 

Our 10x20 Grow Tent: light by 12 315W CMh's.

Our 8x8 Grow Tent: Lit by 2 8 bulb T5's and 3 6 bulb T5's. Currently Growing Lettuce and Celosia.

Our 4x8 Grow Tent: Lit by 2 8 bulb T5's.  Currently Growing French Marigold's and Celosia.

Our 5x5 Propagation Tent: Currently propagating a variety of plants for research.

Stay tuned for more Tent Talks