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Basics of flexible ducting

Basics of flexible ducting

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Today’s topic: Lets talk flexible ducting!

Three basic ducting classes: Insulated, vinyl coated and standard (aluminum foil laminate).

Insulated ducting

Best used for your grow room intakes: where air is being drawn in from outside and the difference in humidity between the outside air and inside air is great.  The insulation will cut down on the amount of condensation that forms on the outside of the ducting, this is especially helpful for those of you who air cool your lights.  If you notice bud rot on plants directly underneath your ducting, the likely culprit is the condensate dripping onto your plants.  Swap out your standard ducting for insulated pronto!

Here is an example of an insulated ducting intake manifold here at H.Q supplying our 10’x20′ research tent with fresh air.

Basics of flexible ducting

Vinyl coated

My personal recommendation for general ducting purposes.  Vinyl ducting is much more resistant to tearingthan standard ducting, helpful for high airflow situations and for larger diameter ducting that can sag and over time start to tear.  Of course vinyl ducting is a bit pricier, so keep that in mind.


For those of you on a budget, or simply can’t find the other ducting flavors, then standard may be for you.  Just keep in mind that the quality and strength varies wildly between brands, so be sure and open the box and make sure the ducting is going to be strong enough.  If you can pull it apart with ease, then it’s not up to snuff!

For those who don’t think standard ducting tears easily, check out this 12″ duct intake below on the right, see anything funny? Here’s a hint… It tore in less than 2 months! Consider the consequences of a ducting failure in your garden before choosing the ducting class most appropriate for you!

Basics of flexible ducting

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