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Interview with Carlos N.


Interview with Carlos N.

Each grower uses a blend of skill, experience, insight and intuition to drive their signature growing style. Read on to find out how and why the pros choose the nutrient line they use and more about how they got started growing.

In three words: “Chill, driven, passionate”


Where and when did you start growing?
In my first apartment back in 2010-ish. Rigged up a super basic set of lights in my closet and tried my best to grow something decent. Definitely had no idea what I was doing at the time.

I was interested in it initially because I wanted more access to consume something of my choosing versus whatever was available at the time. Then there was the part of doing it that was subversive, so that made it fun. Over time I found more benefits and enjoyment from it, so I kept doing it.

What made you choose Maxi Series™?
I had heard good things. It seemed easy, and I figured it would go a long way based on how much you get for the price. It’s easy to use for new growers too or anyone looking for a simple solution to cover their needs.

“It’s easy to use, cost effective, and my plants like it.”

– Carlos

How has the quality / flavor improved in your plants since switching to Maxi Series?
Because they were overall a bit happier, they had a stronger start and therefore finished stronger too. Maxi Series does a good job delivering on efficiency and efficacy.

What growing media do you use and why?
Coco coir in plastic pots mostly. I like that I have the control over watering and feeding since I do it by hand, so that aspect is akin to hydroponics through lack of soil nutrient and my control of it. But because it gets hand watered in pots, it still lets me feel like I’m in charge. 

What is more important to you? Cost or precision?
Precision, but a balance between both is preferred.

Do you use any supplements? If so, what do you use and why?
I do, mostly in bloom.

  • Cal-Mag® throughout the cycle, but is the only addition in veg. I hit a baseline and then add my supplements to push the feed where I want it to go as far as ppm and nutrient ratio. Cal-Mag gets added because I mostly grow in coco, but also because I like to make sure there’s plenty available for the plants that like higher amounts of these.
  • Silica for resistance and strength.
  • A PK spike heavier in P in the first week of bloom to front-load this nutrient. This is to trigger flower set earlier, as well as to benefit yield.
  • A bloom booster to boost yield and keep the flowers producing.
  • Biostimulants like kelp, B1 and humic acids, etc.
  • A sweetener/carb to feed the microbes and mycorrhizae I’ve got in my root zone in coco.
  • Humic and Fulvic acids because I believe in maximizing uptake. Currently finishing up some bottles of some locally made stuff but was thinking of trying Diamond Nectar® to reduce down a bottle in the mix.
  • Late phase booster and ripening agent for that last push, a rinsing product to help with chelating out nutrients and flushing my plants.


Preferred consumption method: Inhalation. I’m a fan of bongs for the quick hits, but prefer something rolled for when I’m feeling classier. Also, it’s hard to go wrong with dabs.

First or favorite tattoo: I don’t know if I have a favorite. But my get-what-you-get ones definitely had their own sense of excitement to them.

Favorite quote: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies toaster.” -Richard LaFleur

Your vibe: Easy going. I like to think that growing is both art and science, like cooking. There are many good ways to get a good result.

Three items on a deserted island: A magical self-filling cooler full of food and beverages. A grill/smoker. A large/varied music collection and player.

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