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FloraSeries grower

with Ryan Messerschmidt


Interview with Ryan Messerschmidt

Each grower uses a blend of skill, experience, insight and intuition to drive their signature growing style. Read on to find out how and why the pros choose the nutrient line they use and more about how they got started growing.

“You’re only as good as your last harvest”


What made you choose FloraSeries®?
I had been using Botanicare Pro line for the past 10 years. It’s the best on the market in my opinion. When I came over to Harbor Farmz they purchased a Rhythm watering system. I was super concerned about plugging up the system with some of the additives of Botanicare. So I started thinking of what I could use instead and I remember how much I loved using the General Hydroponics before I was introduced to Botanicare. It’s the closest I’ve found to Botanicare at a third of the cost as well.

“I love it because of the end results, period! Unlike a lot of other nutrients on the market it actually tastes different with every strain you grow using it. Most others make your flower all taste the same. Flora series lets each strain’s unique flavor come out and doesn’t mask it.”

– Ryan Messerschmidt

Who would you recommend FloraSeries to?
To be honest, anyone that asks me what I think they should be using – even when I was using Botanicare all those years – I would tell people to try out the FloraSeries. Not only does it grow great flowers, it’s very cost effective and although I know it’s basically a liquid salt, powder salts don’t even compare to it or even come close in my opinion

How has the quality / flavor improved in your plants since switching to FloraSeries?
Well they were growing in living soil here when I started and I wasn’t a fan of the quality nor the flavor of the flower. I’m a bit of a weed snob so if something doesn’t taste good I won’t smoke it. Our flower now tastes way better!!! Not only can we now taste the strains’ own unique flavor, but the trichomes are out-of-this-world. We are seeing better testing results in our THC percentages and our terpene percentages have gone up as well.

What’s the most important part of picking a nutrient?
I would say making sure it works with your growing methods and what you’re growing in. If the nutrient is made for growing in hydro only and you grow in soil you wouldn’t want to use that one. You can catch my drift.

What is more important to you? Cost or precision?
I’m 100% going to say precision all day! Without precision it will always cost you more in the end. As much as I thrive on working below my budget I will always take quality over cost. My goal is to always put one of the best products on the market and in peoples hands.

Do you use any supplements? If so, what do you use and why?
Really the only supplement I use is the Floralicious® and I’ll also be adding bat guano very soon here. I use those because I believe the Floralicious adds ever more to the flavor to the finished product and the guano adds to the bulkiness of the flower. Beyond that nothing else besides the FloraSeries 3-part and Cal-Mag®. I like to stick with the K.I.S.S. acronym: Keep it simple, stupid. If you stick to the basics of growing and feeding your plants, and actually know how to grow, there’s no other better way to grow in my opinion.


Preferred consumption method: Definitely Flower, I dabble in it all, but to me nothing beats a nice hand rolled doob in a Ultra Thin Zig Zag paper.

First or favorite tattoo:  I am covered in tattoos but I’d have to say my favorite is the one on my right calf. It’s a portrait of my grandfather, he was my biggest support and influencer and taught me what hard work is. He always pushed me to chase my dreams and to work hard for it and never expect anyone but me to get me there.

Pet peeves: I’d say my biggest one is entitled lazy workers or people in general. I live with the mindset that nobody owes me anything and if I want to be something or want something out of life, I have to go and get it myself. 

Three items on a deserted island: My girlfriend, our kids, and some fire cannabis.

After work you can find me: Outdoors on or near water, anywhere with my girlfriend and kids, or spending time in my studio.

My ideal Saturday: I would want to be on a boat on my favorite Michigan lake (Higgins Lake) with my favorite peeps jamming some music hammering some beers back and smoking big doobs, laughing and getting sunburnt.

Era you should’ve been born in: 50’s – 60’s. People were more rough around the edges, spoke their minds, and worked hard to earn everything they had.

Fun fact: I’ve been a Techno DJ for over 20 years.

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