January in the Greenhouse

A cornucopia of tropical and temperate fruit is hardly synonymous with January weather; yet here at the GH greenhouse, we delight in making the improbable possible.

The fruit of the cacti Hylocereus megalanthus— known colloquially as Yellow Dragon Fruit— has long delighted the people of Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, where the plant originates.  This exotic climbing vine has been successfully cultivated here at the GH greenhouse for several years and is now bearing fruit.  The flowers of this remarkable species is among the largest of the cacti family, and only opens at night; a real treat to behold.

The jewel of our dwarf citrus collection, the diminutive Cara cara navel orange, is fruiting.  In fact the small tree is fruiting so vigorously we are having trouble keeping the branches from snapping!  This cultivar is a cross between the Washington navel and the Brazilian Bahia navel and is known for its complex flavor profile; evoking hints of cherry, rose petal, orange, and blackberry.

And now for my personal favorite, the legendary Taiwanese Crystal Guava or Ba-la—whose fruit can exceed one pound in weight—is fruiting!  This particular guava is much larger and meatier than South American varieties and has white flesh as opposed to pink.  Guava fruit has the highest levels of vitamin C out of all fruits and is packed with antioxidants and trace minerals; a real nutritional powerhouse!

Ian Bateman