Science Fridays V.3

Cytokinin: A potent growth promoting phyto-hormone

Ever wonder why seaweed and kelp are in some of your favorite nutrients/supplements? One of the primary reasons is that these fast growing marine organisms are loaded with Cytokinins and other growth promoting hormones!

Cytokinins promote cell division in the shoots and buds by stimulating the production of mitotic proteins involved in cytokinesis. Cytokinin and Auxin act in concert in the plant body to regulate the growth of different organs.  Interestingly, Auxin is produced at the apex of the plant, while Cytokinin is produced in the plant roots. 

 High Cytokinin : Auxin = shoot bud initiation, High Auxin : Cytokinin = root initiation. 

The plant will up-regulate or down-regulate these hormone ratios to partition growth to the roots or shoots as needed for optimum growth!

High Cytokinin levels and low Auxin levels results in bushier plants with tighter internodal spacing.  High Cytokinin levels are also tied in with the plants transition to flower!