December in the Greenhouse

We are greeted every morning by a thin layer of frost, signaling that winter has officially arrived at the GH greenhouse! Autumnal colors abound in beautiful Sonoma County, as plants prepare for a long winter. Yet within our greenhouse doors, teeming plant life of all kinds greets the eye. For example our commercial section is populated by Green and Red Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts and kohlrabi.  The lush green growth and canopy evenness is suggestive of not only ideal growth conditions but adept plant stewardship; attributable to the hard work, care and knowledge put forth by our greenhouse team.

In other news, our prize papaya plant (which was started from seed two years ago) is fruiting bounteously!  Who would have thought a plant endemic to the tropics of the Americas could thrive in the dead of winter, here in Sebastopol?

-Ian Bateman