Pro-Tips #2: Air Cooled Lights: Yay or Nay?

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Today's Topic: When is it a good idea to air-cool your HID lights? Pros and cons will be discussed.

When you should air-cool: Venting your lights is most important when your total heat load brings the room above 78-80 F, and additional air-conditioning is not an option.  Additionally, if you are growing in a space with low ceilings, where you cannot maintain adequate distance between your lights and canopy tops, then air cooling may be for you.  Consult your lighting manufacturer for the ideal distance between light and canopy top if you are unsure. 

When you should not air-cool: If you can afford the additional cooling and have higher ceilings, then passively cooled hoods are the way to go.  Remember, the glass will cut down on the usable light by 10-15%, provided the glass is clean and free of dust which will further cut down on the transmissivity of the light.  Many growers experience increased yields and productivity once they d-glass their hoods!