• Rockwool


    Inert, soilless growing medium consisting of woven, thin strand-like fibers made from molten volcanic rock and limestone, which is heated...

  • Rockwool is a substrate made by melting rock, extruding it in threads and then pressing it into sponge-like blocks.

    Growing Media
  • Both expanded clay pebbles and coco peat are pH neutral media. Expanded clay pebbles provide free drainage and aeration, while coco peat provides moisture retention and the ability to hold onto a small amount of nutrients.

    Growing Media
  • They can. Rinse the growing media (especially important when using rockwool) before using it. We suggest you check the nutrient solution pH and ppm(see above) and adjust the solution accordingly.

    Growing Media
  • Absolutely! All of our nutrient blends contain the necessary elements for plant growth. Start with the formula ratios identified on the label for the specific plant or crop you are growing, and then adjust and experiment until you find the right formula for your specific need.

    For further information, refer to our feedcharts.


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