Pro Tips #3: What's Growing in your Res?

Transform yourself from an average Joe-Schmoe to a seasoned Grow-Pro with Pro-Tips!

Do you know what's growing in your reservoir? When was your last res change? Do you even air-lift brah?

Here are some quick tips to keep your reservoir from quickly becoming a breeding ground for algae, bacteria and protozoa.

1. Always aerate your reservoir: especially if you plan on using it over a few days. We recommend an air-stone paired with a quality air pump. Remember that larger reservoirs will require correspondingly larger air pumps; make sure your pump is up to the job!

2.  Every few weeks, drain your reservoir and clean and sterilize any pumps, air-stones and the inside of the reservoir. Look into home brewer supply stores; items such as PBW and Star San work very well.

3.  Organic nutrients and supplements are great, just remember they must be made to order and usually do not do well if kept in a reservoir over long periods of time.

4. Make sure your reservoir is covered and as light tight as possible.  This will ensure that algal growth is minimized.