How can GH help your store?

Pachamama, Costa Rica

General Hydroponics and Vermicrop Organics strive to offer the highest level of support to all of our retailers. It is our primary goal to make certain that your needs are consistently met to the best of our ability. As a company we feel that your success is paramount to our own and we look forward to continuing and strengthening our partnership with you. In our ongoing effort to anticipate and exceed your expectations we offer a variety of programs and services to assist you in increasing your sales of General Hydroponics, General Organics, and Vermicrop Organics products that are second to none.

This effort is led by our team of regional territory managers who work diligently to meet your needs on a daily basis. They are at the forefront of industry developments, bring an unparalleled level of knowledge, passion, and professionalism to the industry and are available to assist you in any way they can. From general product support, product knowledge seminars with your staff, to brand representation at your customer events our team is here to provide you with the highest quality service and support. Please do not hesitate to contact them with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

To bolster your sales of GH and VO products, our team offers the following:

1. Product Sampling Programs: We do our best to provide potential customers with the opportunity to try a product before they buy. We firmly believe in the efficacy of our products and confidently stand behind them.

2. Co-Op Advertising Programs: Advertising is an effective way to build your business, but can also be cost prohibitive. We offer a variety of co-op advertising programs to help offset those costs.

3. In Store Product Branding: From banners, posters, and window decals to stickers, tee-shirts, and hats we strive to increase brand recognition within your store.

4. Customer Appreciation Event Support: We make every effort to attend your events so that we may interface with your customers and augment your efforts to maintain and improve customer relations. While we cannot always be there we do our best to provide you with product and marketing materials to help make your event a success.

Please contact your regional GH representative for more details on these effective programs. If you don't know who your regional representative is, please contact us or access our retailer support site.

General Hydroponics and Vermicrop Organics aspire to be the most trusted names in hydroponic gardening and remain steadfastly committed to your continued growth and success. As a GH/VO customer you can expect nothing less than the best possible service whenever working with one of our dedicated representatives. Our main objective is to build a long term relationship with you so that we may be a consistent and reliable partner well into the future. As always, we encourage you to contact your regional representative with any and all questions, concerns, or ideas you have. Thank you for your business and continued support.


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