FloraBlend is General Hydroponics vegan plant booster and is frequently compared to active aerated compost tea. FloraBlend starts out with a variety of ingredients that are too numerous to list in their entirety. Some include: seaweeds, rock powders, and plant materials including alfalfa meal, chamomile, comfrey, yarrow and other herbs. The inoculum that provides the beneficial bacteria and fungi has an extremely concentrated and diverse variety of beneficial living organisms when compared to competitive products. The tea is given a unique, highly nutritional, food source to stimulate this biological presence.

The beneficial organisms flourish and reproduce in a highly oxygenated fermentation process. During this process, organisms completely digest the tea ingredients creating numerous organic compounds, enzymes, and metabolites. Once the organisms have consumed all the available nutrients, they die off and become a source of useable carbon.

There are a few main differences between FloraBlend and aerated compost tea. FloraBlend does not need to be oxygenated continuously or used at a specific time; there is also no concern of breeding bad organisms. FloraBlend has a shelf life of over a year and is made in a different way from an active aerated compost tea. FloraBlend is not considered a compost tea. It is a fermentation byproduct of living organisms, full of organic compounds, enzymes, phytochemicals and carbon. It has effects similar to the actions that take place when an active aerated tea is put in a diverse, nutrient rich soil. Organisms slowly break down the soil, releasing some beneficial compounds for the plant. FloraBlend goes through similar steps before being put in the bottle, so the beneficial compounds are immediately available for plants to uptake. 

FloraBlend does so much for plants from beginning to end. The enzymes, metabolites and organic acids in FloraBlend all help to accelerate the plants ability to perform critical functions. It is all-natural and cost effective considering how many plant functions it benefits.

CUTTINGS/SEEDS – Stimulates root growth in seedlings and cuttings. Boosts new growth and reduces transplant shock.

VEGETATIVE - Increases metabolic rate, plants grow faster with tighter intermodal spacing and more vegetation. Immunity and ability to resist stress are also key benefits.

FLOWERING/FRUITING - Provides carbon building blocks for the plant processes responsible for color and flavor of fruits and vegetables. Promotes increased blossoms and heavier fruit, while enhancing flavor and aroma.

In rooms where half the plants received FloraBlend and the others did not, the visual difference was remarkable. With FB, plants were taller, tighter, and had more large leaves. During a massive heat wave, the FloraBlend plants withstood the heat stress significantly better. 

Every kind of plant, every method of growing, and every stage of growth is benefited from using FloraBlend. Try it in an aeroponic rooting system. Foliar spray or water it in to your root zone, or both. Add it to your regular nutrient schedule. It has a low pH, so be sure to test the mixture before feeding it to plants.