At General Hydroponics, we bring nature and technology together through cutting edge formulations and efficient processes. FloraNova is a perfect example of how we engineer advanced nutrient systems. GH created the standard over thirty years ago when it introduced the ever-famous Flora Series three-part. Flora Series quickly came to be known as easy to use, but its simplicity was finally eclipsed by the introduction of FloraNova, the first one-part hydroponic nutrient ever developed.

The formula is revolutionary. There are ingredients in the Flora Series three-part nutrient line that cannot be together in the same bottle. When the undiluted ingredients are combined, they undergo a chemical reaction and will drop out of solution, meaning the nutrients cannot be utilized by the plant. To avoid this, they are kept separate until they are added in the proper order to the water in a reservoir. FloraNova solved that problem by including unique minerals and micronutrients. Now, everything needed for a plant's life cycle is mixed in one bottle, including necessary humic acids.

Growers also love FloraNova because it is a hybrid, combining the most sophisticated mineral content with organic compounds. 

It is perfect for beginners because its recipe is beyond simple. First use the grow formula, then transition the plant to the bloom formula.

It is pH stabilized.

Nova is extremely concentrated. A little bit goes a long way, in hydro systems, soil-less medias, or dirt.
Nova gives great results. Plants thrive without much effort because it supplies complete and optimal plant nutrition.