The benefits of General Hydroponic CocoTek Baskets can be broken down into three major groups: ease of use, root heath, and sustainability.

Easy to use: The coco baskets are matted coco fibers that are covered in natural latex. They can be potted up with soil, or soilless media, like perlite, coir and hydroton. While growers can easily use them in the conventional overhead watering method, the coco baskets are ideal for ebb and flow systems. The baskets absorb water and nutrients from the ebb and flow tray. They allow the nutrients to quickly drench the roots, because the water disperses immediately. The 8" baskets have thin walls, about 1/8th inch thick, and the larger baskets have much wider walls, about 3/4 inch thick. All the available sizes are incredibly light, allowing growers to easily move their plants.

Root health: Indoors under lights, or outdoors under the glaring sun, black plastic pots get extremely hot. The coco baskets are remarkably cooler as air literally moves through the weave of the fibers, directly cooling the roots of the plant. The baskets also eliminate larger plants becoming "root bound." Roots can freely grow through the bottom and sides of the coco baskets.

Sustainability: GH coco products are the most ecologically sound products available. Coco is a sustainable fiber product which is bio-degradable. The process in which GH baskets are manufactured results in a sturdy basket that will provide plants with the necessary support required for exceptional growth.