60 Site Aeroponics System
This system includes:
40 gallon Panda reservoir
Six 6 ft. grow chambers
TNC pump
Injection manifold
Support structure
3 inch Grow Cups
CocoTek Liners
Clay Pebbles
3-part Flora Kit

Legendary growth and yields with a 5’1”L X 6’10”W X 2”H footprint or 5’1” X 11’7”W X 2’H in a staggered configuration.
The AeroFlo 60, features sixty plant sites and a generously sized 40 gallon Panda reservoir. Growers have two configuration options: all the grow chambers to one side for a smaller footprint or staggered from side to side to accommodate larger plants. The AeroFlo² 60 features a 40 gallon Panda reservoir. Use the Extension kit to increase to 120 sites and 80 gallons.

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Download system instructions: AF60